About Us


To improve the lives of our patients by offering them access to effective and verified pharmaceutical treatments in the convenient dosage form.

Who we are

Auxilius Pharma is a dynamic start-up specialized pharma company with a focus on further developing and optimizing medications well established in some markets but not in the others, for the benefit of patients and to address major unmet needs in an increasingly cost conscious health care market environment. We are a versatile team with multifunctional healthcare experience in both the US and EU. We feature diverse backgrounds and strong core competencies in pharmaceutical marketing, drug development, pharmacology, health care management, corporate finance, and asset management.

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What we do

We analyze various pharmaceutical sectors across European and American markets for drugs in therapeutic areas of high unmet clinical need, with high commercial potential and great disease management impact that have been underperforming or marginalized by blockbuster products. We pay particular attention to compounds that are underutilized because of their outdated formulation and seek to innovatively improve their dosing and application for the benefit of adherence and patient comfort. As such, we are focused mainly on a Generic Plus strategy as it combines relatively low capex and market risk with still promising sales potential. Generic Plus strategies attempt to enhance generic medications by reformulation to simplify dose strength, dose frequency or delivery route.

How we do it

Bringing our diverse backgrounds to bear, we apply research, market analysis and critical valuation strategies to our decision-making process which involves applying specific criteria to identify product targets that are currently underperforming because of poor adherence, suboptimal formulation and/or price pressure in a competitive environment of high unmet clinical need. Each of us is responsible for different aspects of a project, which allows for a rigorous and complementary assessment process and maximizes the potential for a thorough evaluation of an opportunity. We apply cutting-edge technology, working with premier R&D vendors to reformulate and optimize existing pharmaceutical therapies available in Europe or the United States and make them accessible to patients across these markets. We use a mix of private equity and public grants and keep a lean structure to maximize returns to our investors.