Closing of investment round. October 2022

We are very pleased to announce that Auxilius Pharma has recently closed an investment round. We were joined by reputable VC investors CofounderZone and Augebit FIZ as well as several business angels who invested roughly a total of USD 1m. With the new funds, Auxilius will be able to further develop our flagship project involving introduction of Value Added Medication cardiological drug to the US market, in line with the regulatory plan approved by the FDA earlier on this year. We continue to screen the market and build a pipeline of other medicinal products where we can add value to patients.


We are a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds from pharmaceutical development and marketing through pharmacology and toxicology to healthcare management, corporate finance, and asset management, who have come together to create Auxilius Pharma with the purpose of addressing the unmet clinical needs of many patients.

We are developing a unique portfolio of value-added reformulated product candidates by utilizing our expertise and technological advancements in drug formulation and manufacturing.

Our development approach makes use of the 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway in the United States. This pathway has been created for pharmaceutics for which the safety and efficacy have previously been demonstrated. This targeted approach can considerably cut the amount of clinical work necessary to get a product to market, shorten the development cycle, and lower costs and risks.